Cost-Efficient ICP Emission Spectrometers

1st April 2013

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the launch of the latest addition to the award-winning Thermo Scientific iCAP 6000 Series of high-performance ICP emission spectrometers. The new iCAP 6200 ICP spectrometer is an affordable simultaneous, dual view ICP instrument specifically designed for routine analytical laboratories. The iCAP 6200 enables powerful analyses using a range of pre-optimised sample introduction settings and provides the capability to handle low to moderate sample numbers in a wide variety of application areas, including environmental, food and beverage, toy safety and WEEE/RoHS testing. The new instrument harnesses the power of the Thermo Scientific innovative ICP technology, to deliver a reliable and cost efficient trace elemental analysis solution.

The iCAP 6200 features an optimised purge gas distribution system, resulting in a dramatically reduced gas consumption rate, a saving passed on to users in lower annual running costs. Additionally, the unique Enhanced Matrix Tolerance (EMT) torch design provides powerful performance while also minimising routine maintenance and contributes to reducing plasma gas consumption. The iCAP 6200 technology is also future-proofed with field-upgradeable hardware and software specifications to allow the instruments capabilities to expand with the user's requirements.

The new ICP is equipped with a high-power, solid state RF generator which has been field-proven in 2000 customer installations and has demonstrated the stability needed for even the most difficult sample matrices. The RF generator delivers extremely efficient coupling with the sample (>78%), providing exceptional sample processing capability at 1150W. A powerful Charge Injection Device (CID) detector delivers up to five times improvement in performance compared to previous generation detection systems and enables complete coverage of the 193-769nm wavelength range. The design of the instrument delivers a space-efficient solution and ensures exceptional stability, low noise and wide dynamic range compared with other ICP instruments.

The iCAP 6200 is supplied with a range of pre-loaded method templates, developed to enable protocol compliant sample analysis in the Environmental, Food Safety, Toy Safety and WEEE/RoHS market sectors. These templates combine with the instruments pre-optimised sample introduction specifications to enable simple, consistent out of box operation and enable both novice and experienced ICP users to achieve powerful analytical performance with minimal method development requirements.

The iCAP 6000 series was recently awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation, 2009, the most prestigious award for UK industry, recognising it
as one of the year's most outstanding technical innovations.





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