Microscopy: EnviroScope atomic force microscope

1st April 2013

The EnviroScope atomic force microscope combines modular environmental controls, a sealed hermetic sample chamber, and a wide range of imaging modes to bring superior application flexibility to research and industrial metrology applications.

EnviroScope AFM

* Allows observation of sample reactions to a variety of complex environmental changes, including high vacuum, liquid, and gas purge and exchange,
* Also supports high temperature and fluid heating of samples.
* Features a piezoelectric tube scanner, a laser, and a quadrature optical detector for improved scanning probe performance and reliability.
* Ideal for material sciences, electrochemistry, polymer technologies, life sciences, and other applications

Acoustic/Vibration Isolation Systems
When measuring at these small scales, ground vibration and/or acoustic noise can be significant and can affect measurements substantially. To combat this, Veeco offers two products, the VT-103-3K Acoustic/Vibration Isolation System and the VT-102 Vibration Isolation Table.






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