Imaging: Innova scanning probe microscope

1st April 2013

The Innova atomic force microscope provides more performance and flexibility at a greater value than any other SPM. The proprietary closed-loop scan delivers noise-levels that approach those of high-end, open-loop systems and offers a wide range of functionality for physical, materials, and life sciences, from sub-micron levels up to 90 microns.

* Exclusive WhisperTM piezo scan technology delivers AFM performance and resolution second only to the Veeco MultiMode
* Highest resolution optics deliver better data and accurate probe positioning
Fast tip exchange and superior sample access offer convenience and exceptional ease of use
* Full range of SPM modes provides powerful research flexibility
* Advanced signal access and routing capabilities for custom research
* Now with Dark LiftTM, which leverages Veeco's patented LiftMode capability, enabling you to distinguish between intrinsic electrical sample properties and photoelectric effects

The NanoDrive Controller

The NanoDrive controller platform is built on modern state-of-the-art technology and while entirely new from the ground up, also incorporates 20 years of experience only available from the SPM market leader.

The NanoDrive controller includes two fully independent lock-in amplifiers enabling advanced imaging modes such as scanning capacitance microscopy and surface potential microscopy with maximum productivity and flexibility while completely eliminating the need for external hardware. Thorough optimization of the controller architecture ensures maximum performance and stability while minimizing computer requirements. Eight fast ADCs working in parallel offer generous data acquisition bandwidth with up to 8 images and 1024 x 1024 pixels each. The NanoDrive controller offers a 3-axis stage control, used in Innova for pitch and tilt capabilities. The built-in high-voltage supply enables unipolar tube driving, thus eliminating the danger of piezo depoling. It provides the wide dynamic range and low noise floor demanded by high performance AFMs.

The software available with the NanoDrive controller platform includes Veeco's intelligent tip approach and our patented lift mode for efficient basic and advanced imaging. Powerful research flexibility beyond established SPM modes comes standard with advanced signal diagnostics and generic signal sweep functions for custom experiments. Software configurable inputs and outputs built into the controller provide extensive signal access and are further augmented by software controlled, user accessible signal routing. Three digital feedback loops are entirely software configurable by the user and form the foundation for the ultra-low noise position control.





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