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1st April 2013

On 17 & 18 June 2009, Bridge2Food organised a Coated Foods Seminar in Bakel, the Netherlands together with CFS. This two-day seminar saw the building of new bridges, as retailers, food manufacturers, ingredient companies and equipment manufacturers reached fresh cooperative agreements.

Open innovation

The Coated Foods Seminar hosted by equipment and packaging materials manufacturer CFS was an ideal platform for open innovation and the launch of strategic cooperation on taste, texture, and processing challenges in the coated foods sector. These challenges are often too big for a single link in the chain and can only be met if several links work together, such as an equipment manufacturer, various ingredient companies, a coated foods manufacturer, and perhaps even a retailer. Designing better-tasting low-fat or no-fat coated foods is just one such challenge.

Less fat and superior product appearance

"There are loads of opportunities for healthy coated foods and snacks," said Lu-Ann Williams, Head of Research with Innova Market Insights. The most important trends in the coated foods category are natural, wholegrain, the use of vegetables and cheese, and whole muscle products, including sustainability. As Paul Verbruggen, Product Manager with CFS added: "We are keen on further cooperation with the retail, manufacturing and ingredients industries to take our innovative no-fry technology to the next level." During the seminar, the potential of no-fry technology was demonstrated by an example of coated chicken based on an innovation by key ingredients supplier Griffith.

During the no-fry process products go through a three zone cooking process. In the first zone, the product is steamed. Then, hot air impingement is used to obtain a crispy texture. Products are cooked to the required core temperature in the third zone. Uwe Rosenbaum, Food Industry Business Development Manager with Air Products, displayed how cryo-freezing technology can produce superior product quality and appearance. Market demand for Air Products technologies and services is soaring despite the current economic crisis. Ann Callens, European Food & Cryo Business Manager with Air Products, said "the lease and rent option for our cryo-freezer systems is an important driver for innovative companies: fewer investments, the ability to make quick line adjustments, and superior product quality makes leasing an interesting option for frozen food manufacturers."

Clean label and reduced salt

Meneba showcased innovations using all natural ingredients and no artificial additives (free of E numbers) in coated cheese products, chicken nuggets, onion rings, and filled pockets. According to Gerard van der Hoek, Product Manager with Meneba, it is possible to produce high-quality products with a clean label using their range of heat-treated and pre-gelatinised flours.

Salt reduction is another important theme in the coated foods industry. Again, there are good options to choose from. Kees den Uijl, Business Development Manager with leading herbs and spices supplier Euroma, showcased new and tasty product solutions with 30% less salt on the CFS pilot line. "To achieve this substantial salt reduction of 30% or more without compromising taste, we will need to cooperate closely with the manufacturer. This yields the best results."

Model for investment and operation efficiency analysis

Enrique Freire, General Manager with Cabomar Congelados S.A. in Spain lauded CFS on its work with the Value Model, part of the CFS Life Cycle Performance philosophy. "This model is very interesting as it is the first time that I have seen a machinery supplier approaching the client's challenges in this way. Since reducing costs and speeding up return on investment are the main criteria for a manufacturer who is considering making an investment, this new approach could help both client and supplier to find the best equipment solution for the clients' needs."

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