Ultimate AFM Performance

Veeco announces the release of the Dimension Icon P-Series of Atomic Force Microscope Systems to enable nanoscale researchers with limited budgets access to the latest generation of the world's most utilised and flexible AFM platform. The new Dimension Icon was released this past February, and it has already solidly established itself as the world's most flexible high-performance AFM. Now, with the introduction of the Icon-PT and Icon-PI AFMs, users can purchase a scalable system with the same innovative microscope head, the same revolutionary low drift, and the same low noise necessary to achieve artifact-free images in minutes instead of hours.

"In the light of current worldwide economics, and the importance of nanoscale materials research in a wide variety of fields, Veeco is determined to offer entry into the top-tier of AFM technology to all labs, regardless of size, funding, or prior AFM experience," says David Rossi, Vice President and General Manager of Veeco's AFM Business Unit. "The Icon P-Series accomplishes this goal by providing a top-flight AFM system at a moderate price that can be easily upgraded to the full feature set of the Dimension Icon."

The Icon AFM is built upon an ultra-low drift platform that utilises a revolutionary XYZ closed-loop head with extremely low noise in closed-loop operation that enables it to deliver the ultimate AFM performance. These features combine to drastically cut stabilisation times, allowing the system to acquire artifact-free data in much less time than is possible with competing AFMs. A new high-resolution camera and integrated feedback alignment tools deliver faster probe positioning and sample navigation, allowing users to more easily locate features of interest. Finally, the redesigned software offers an intuitive workflow and default experiment modes that distill advanced AFM processes into preconfigured settings.

The Dimension Icon platform is the first large-sample AFM specifically designed to address atomic force microscopy needs of both the research lab and industrial applications. With the Icon, researchers can, more simply than ever, perform analysis ranging from quantitative automated characterisation to atomic scale imaging in material science, semiconductor, data storage, and energy research fields. The full-featured Dimension Icon represents a new generation of high-performance, easy-to-use AFM, having been engineered from the ground up to incorporate and optimize all of Veeco's latest AFM modes and techniques. The new Icon P-Series models offer most of the standard modes as well, with other modes available as options or later add-ons. The new configurations offer a combination of feature and hardware paths to ideally suit the Icon AFM to your particular application needs.

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