Glass Microfluidic Device

Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the 1ml Microreactor Chip, a glass microfluidic device designed for the mixing and reacting of two or three liquid reagent streams. Ideal for solution phase chemistry, including compound synthesis and reaction kinetics studies, this chip enables rapid mixing across a wide range of flow rates. 

The chip has three glass layers that are accurately aligned and thermally fused. Each glass layer has etched microchannels providing a total reaction volume of 1ml, which is very high for a microfluidic device. By using multiple glass layers it is possible to achieve interdigitated mixing of the input streams. Interdigitated mixing involves splitting and recombining the input streams to reduce diffusion distance and hence mixing time.

First developed for leading chemistry automation innovator, Syrris, the 1ml Microreactor Chip was designed to form part of Syrris’ Africa microreactor flow system. Ideally suited for applications such as reaction optimization, nanoparticle synthesis and kinetic studies, the 1ml Microreactor Chip is an integral part of the Africa system providing rapid mixing across a range of flow rates as well as providing faster and cleaner reactions.

Quick connection and disconnection of fluid pipes is enabled via the chip’s compatibility with an innovative chip holder and header. Measuring at 35 x 90 x 4.5mm, this chip has a reaction volume of 1000µl. With the ability to heat or cool the fluid before mixing, the reactor chips can be mounted onto the heating module using a microreactor adaptor to provide an operating temperature ranging from -20 to 300°C. 

With high visibility levels, this chip allows excellent access for optical analysis systems. Furthermore, a wide temperature and pressure range along with excellent chemical compatibility makes this microfluidic device ideal for a broad range of microfluidic applications.

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