ABgene Fast Block PCR Plate automation

1st April 2013

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, is pleased to announce that the Thermo Scientific ABgene Fast Block PCR Plate is now available with barcoding to enhance sample tracking in automated and semi-automated fast PCR workflows.

The barcode (code 128) is ideally located for PCR platforms with barcode readers and has been developed to offer resistance to extremes of temperature and resistance to chemical exposure. Barcodes are therefore able to endure both the heat cycling required in PCR cycling and freezing conditions associated with plate storage. Together with clear, alpha-numeric grid referencing, this ensures that valuable PCR and qPCR samples are protected and easily located.

The semi-skirted, low-profile ABgene® Fast PCR Plate is compatible with all major fast block PCR and qPCR platforms and the thin-walled design ensures maximum heat transfer during the fast PCR cycle, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

For further information about the ABgene Fast Block PCR Plate and other plates available from Thermo Fisher Scientific, visit

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