New chromatography column chemistries

1st April 2013

Pall Life Sciences has launched a full palette of scaleable AcroSep 1ml columns with ion exchange, affinity, and mixed-mode chromatography chemistries. Pall AcroSep pre-packed chromatography columns are ideal for preparatory protein purification research. These columns can also be utilised as an efficient screening tool for best chromatography conditions prior to process development.

Pall AcroSep chromatography columns offer:

- True scaleability. Pall offers the same resin chemistry for small-scale discovery through to biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

- Versatility. Pall AcroSep columns feature luer inlet and outlet for convenient use with syringe, pump or automated chromatography system.

- High binding capacities, fast flow rates. By tailoring attributes such as chemistry, pore size, and sorbent diameter to applications, Pall resins and columns exhibit the highest performance characteristics.

- User-friendly column design. Colour coded and labelled by chemistry type. The AcroSep columns feature a hexagonal collar so columns will not unexpectedly roll off lab surface.

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Pall Life Sciences is based in East Hills, NY, USA.






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