Mini flipper solenoid valve sets for biotech applications

1st April 2013

Providing the highest fluid control performance in the smallest possible space, Burkert's new Type 6650 sets a new standard for miniature solenoid valves employed in clinical, life science, analytical and fluid handling equipment.

Suitable for use on vacuum up to 7-bar, and providing medium isolation for aggressive fluids, the direct-acting Type 6650 is just 4.5mm wide yet outperforms comparable 10mm and 16mm designs.

The Type 6650 provides the ideal solution for manufacturers with valve applications requiring fast response times, high reproducibility, zero pumping and excellent flushing characteristics.

The valve's optimised design ensures reproducible and precise dosing, effective rinsing capability, and is suitable for use with aggressive chemicals.

Key to the performance of the Type 6650 valve is Bürkert's patented Flipper Technology. This employs an elastomer element that moves between two opposite valve seats under the force of permanent magnets fixed to the flipper element; opening one as it closes the other. This operation requires only a temporary pulse, so is characterised by its short response time. It also provides benefits in terms of high reliability and very low levels of wear.

With the two nominal sizes 0.4mm and 0.8mm available, and both 2/2 and 3/2 functionality, the Type 6650 is ideal for applications where the highest fluid performances are required in the smallest space - in dosing for example where the Type 6650 opens up new possibilities, in particular, in connection with 384-well Microtiter plates.

The Type 6650 is the latest introduction to Burkert's MicroFluidic range of products for analytical, medical and biotechnical applications.

The range includes miniature solenoid valves and micro-pumps for applications with neutral, aggressive and highly purified media. These products are extremely proficient in the handling of fluids where dead legs, internal volume, chemical resistance and precision are paramount.

Burkert supports its MicroFluidic range with many year's of experience of application environments which cross a spectrum of industries, including clinical diagnostic technology, DNA synthesising and medical instruments to high-throughput lab automation, industrial ink jet and analytical instruments. Ultra-pure water, aggressive solvents, biochemical substrates, highly concentrated acids or dyes, different viscosities, fast drying industrial inks or crystallising fluids are just some of the wide range of flow challenges to which the company provides solutions.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems is based in Brimscombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK.






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