Rapid mouse-monoclonal isotyping kits

AMSBIO (www.amsbio.com) has announced the Iso-GoldTM Rapid Mouse Monoclonal isotyping kits. Iso-Gold is a rapid-format isotyping kit that reduces the labour of the traditional ELISA protocol from a day-and-a-half procedure to a 5-minute assay.

Determining the class and subclass of a monoclonal antibody is valuable in selecting the best immunoglobulin purification method. The Iso-Gold kit is a rapid lateral flow assay, with leading edge sensitivity (10ng/ml), that can be run on both tissue culture supernatant as well as mouse ascites fluid.

Unlike ELISA based isotyping kits, that require considerable sample preparation and kit development, Iso-Gold is very easy-to-use. In a single step - your diluted antibody sample is simply added into the loading well of the cassette. In less than 5 minutes the Iso-Gold kit will then provide a colour readout of the mouse monoclonal antibody isotope (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3, IgA or IgM). The test is also available with kappa and lambda light chains determination.

Iso-Gold kits have a long shelf life - they are proven stable at room temperature for greater than 1 year. As well as offering speed, sensitivity and ease-of-use the proprietary kit is also specific - the assay does not cross react with foetal bovine serum (FBS).

A data sheet describing the Iso-GoldTM Rapid Mouse Monoclonal isotyping kits can be downloaded from www.amsbio.com/datasheets/ISOT-001.pdf.

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