High-Pressure Processing Systems

1st April 2013

Avure's Fresher Under Pressure product lines combine over 50 years of technical excellence in ultra high-pressure hydrostatic pressure systems with 25 years in high-pressure processing technology.

Commercial HPP Systems

As a total solutions supplier, Avure provides commercial-scale systems with pressure vessel capabilities from 35 liters to 320 liters. Usable pressure depends upon the vessel size, with maximum operating pressure at 87,000 psi (600 MPa). Custom systems are also possible.


The Fresher Under Pressure H350L System is a horizontal system intended for higher production levels. Click here to view the 350 at work.

The Fresher Under Pressure 215L ULTRA is designed for high throughput in large-volume plant operations. With 87,000 psi pressure to target Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli, the 215L ULTRA helps ready-to-eat meat processors achieve FSIS's Alternative 1 status.


The Fresher Under Pressure H687L System is the largest standard production system for moderate pressure applications such as shellfish meat removal and ready-to-cook meat processing.

The Fresher Under Pressure 320L System provides a larger vessel capacity at pressures to 58,000 psi (400MPa).

HPP Model for Research and Development

To meet the research and feasibility testing needs of processors, universities and R&D labs, Avure Technologies offers the QRP 2L-700 Laboratory Food Processing System. The QFP 2L features precise computer control of the full range of pressure and temperature parameters, with data acquisition for test cycle analysis and comparisons.

About Avure Technologies:

Avure Technologies Inc. is the recognized global leader for expertise in high pressure equipment and application solutions. Avure presses are currently used in a wide variety of industries, ranging from synthetic diamond and aircraft parts manufacturing to advanced ceramics manufacturing and the high pressure processing of natural, clean label fruit, vegetable and meat products. In addition to full-scale production equipment, Avure also manufactures a complete line of smaller research units.





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