Binary Gradient LC/MS Pump

4th March 2013

The Varian 212-LC chromatography pump is engineered to be the most stable and reliable analytical LC/MS pump in the laboratory today. This binary pumping system is the ideal liquid chromatography solution for environmental samples, small molecule pharmaceuticals and various industrial process samples.

Ideal solvent delivery for analytical LC/MS applications

* The 212-LC delivers the performance that you need for demanding LC/MS applications
* Capable of delivering smooth flow with accurate composition of isocratic blended or gradient solvents up to 2 mL/min.
* Ideal addition to a Varian Mass Spectrometer for use with 4.6, 3, 2 or even 1 mm columns

Ease-of-use with advanced data

* Self-priming check valves and a mechanism designed for years of trouble free operation, this pump delivers true ease-of-use
* MS Workstation control delivers full integration into the MS platform for valid, easy-to-learn operation and reporting

Excellent gradient composition at 200 μL/min. Replicate 10% step runs demonstrate low ripple and excellent compositional precision and accuracy. The accurate gradient performance and low delay volume shown deliver high quality chromatographic results for LC/MS.




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