BioScope Catalyst Atomic Force Microscope

The New Standard for AFM and Light Microscopy Integration

* MIRO software allows optical images to precisely guide AFM imaging and force measurements
* Create correlated AFM and optical datasets with flexible offline analysis features
* MIRO makes the AFM a natural extension of the optical microscope

Uncompromised Performance from Both Techniques

* High-resolution imaging capability
* Thermally limited (PicoForce-quality) force measurements
* Supports most microscopes, condensers, and objectives for uncompromised optical performance

Easiest to Use and Most Productive Life Science AFM

* Exchanging probes and laser alignment is made easy with a convenient probe load stand and EasyAlignTM accessory
* New "Experiment Selector" automatically configures the software for the most common modes and applications

Simple, Effective Solutions for Biological Samples

* Easy mounting for all common sample substrates, including slides, cover slips, and petri dishes
* Micro-volume perfusion accessory provides ideal solution for applications that utilise expensive reagents
* Petri dish perfusion accessory with heating capability allows long-duration cell studies

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