ProScan II Motorised Stage Systems

4th March 2013

The ProScanTMII Motorised Stage System is designed to exceed the most stringent demands of customers' applications, the ProScanTMII system features the innovative ProScanTMII motor controller which provides a wide range of advanced features designed for the most demanding applications; not least of which is the capability to control a stage, focusing motor, up to three filter wheels and three shutters all from a single controller.

Additional features of the ProScanTMII include:

* USB and serial communications
* Four TTL inputs and outputs
* Eencoder feedback for closed loop operation
* An optional 4th axis
* An advanced autofocus routine a comprehensive high level software command set including Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL's).
* Filter wheels, shutters and a variety of control accessories such as joysticks and digipots are also compatible with the ProScanTMII system.

The ProScanTMII system's modular design allows the user to customise the system for any combination of stage, focus, filter wheel and shutter options. A wide range of high precision stages are available for most modern upright and inverted microscopes and are capable of being adapted for most optical inspection systems.

Ideal applications include; image tiling, time lapse studies, virtual/digital slides, industrial and semiconductor inspection and high throughput screening.

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