Cooled reservoir holders advantages

Porvair Sciences has introduced CoolTrough - a new range of chilled reusable reagent reservoir holders designed to preserve the integrity of reagents and extend working time at zero to 5ºC.

Manufactured with non-toxic gel encased in heavy duty PVC, CoolTrough reagent reservoir holders chill or freeze quickly, are reusable, and provide full and consistent reservoir cooling without the contamination risks or inconvenience of ice baths.

Designed to keep reagents cold during sample preparation - CoolTrough chilled reagent reservoir holders come with disposable 100ml polypropylene liners making it very easy and convenient to change or replenish reagents without the use of further cooling devices. As only the disposable liners are thrown away - CoolTrough also helps you save money and reduce waste.

Where sample cooling is not required, Porvair also offer CoolTrough reusable reagent holders without coolant for use with the same disposable polypropylene liners at ambient temperatures.

For further information on CoolTrough reusable chilled reagent reservoir holders please contact Porvair Sciences Ltd.

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