Identification of blood samples

4th March 2013

Micronic has introduced a new range of white, flat bottom alphanumeric tubes (0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.1ml and 1.4ml) for storage of blood samples or other highly coloured liquids.

Traditionally alphanumeric tubes have been manufactured in clear polypropylene. However with highly coloured samples such as blood - manual reading of alphanumeric coding can be prone to error. Providing clearly visible black alphanumeric coding on a white background - Micronic's new white storage tube range offers improved readability thereby minimising the risk of incorrect sample identification with highly coloured samples.

Manufactured from medical grade polypropylene in a fully automated class 7 cleanroom environment ensures Micronic white, flat bottom alphanumeric tubes exhibit absolute product consistency, near zero contaminants and compliance with US and European Pharmacopoeia tests. Micronic white, flat bottom alphanumeric tubes resist many organic solvents (DMSO, methanol, dichloromethane), may be autoclaved clean and can be repeatedly freeze-thawed without loss of product performance.

Incorporating a smooth external flat surface - Micronic flat bottom sample tubes offer an easier to read and identify alternative to traditional round bottom tubes for automated scanning applications. A choice of optimised internal 'v' or 'u' bottom shape provides the lowest dead volume and enables maximum sample recovery.

Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage tubes, accessories and instruments, Micronic offers a wide range of highly affordable sample storage solutions allowing researchers to securely organise their samples in the minimal amount of space. Micronic tubes are available in non-coded, alpha numeric coded and 2D bar coded formats and in a variety of different sizes and materials to suit almost any storage application.





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