Tube selector reduces contamination

4th March 2013

For laboratories looking to reduce sample contamination the new Micronic Tube Selector enables 'hands-free' manual picking and placing of sample tubes from any storage rack.

Offering the convenience of single-handed operation the Tube Selector is very easy to use. A single thumb button enables rapid and secure picking of a storage tube. Pressing the thumb button again releases the tube from the Tube Selector. An easy wipe clean surface further reduces the chances of sample contamination.

Compatible with all standard SBS format 96-rack tubes the versatile Tube Selector is available as a low cost stand-alone product or as part of a Micronic starter pack.

Micronic offers a range of low cost Starter Packs for organisations looking to implement traceable sample storage work practices. Micronic Starter Packs contain everything needed to start using alphanumeric to 2D coded and non-coded sample storage tubes enabling laboratory workers to ensure a secure sample logistics system and eliminate the costly possibility of false sample identities. Each attractively priced pack contains an easy-to-use tube scanner, operating software, a case of racked tubes, CapCluster multi-piercable tube caps, a versatile plate sealing device and manual tube decappers.

Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage tubes, accessories and instruments, Micronic offers a wide range of highly affordable sample storage solutions allowing researchers to securely organise their samples in the minimal amount of space. Micronic tubes are available in non-coded, alpha numeric coded and 2D bar coded formats and in a variety of different sizes and materials to suit almost any storage application.





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