Flexible, modular microscope

4th March 2013

Life science research and routine applications will benefit from the outstanding flexibility and adaptability brought to the market by the Axio Scope.A1 microscope from Carl Zeiss. The modular design allows users to configure a microscope to their precise needs, safe in the knowledge that changes and upgrades can be implemented easily and quickly if demands change.

The Axio Scope.A1 is ideal for pathology, histology, cytology, microbiology, environmental research, molecular biology, plant physiology, developmental biology or genetics laboratories. Users have a choice of 23 stands, LED or halogen illumination, a retro-fittable fluorescence system, phase contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC) and the PlasDIC technique developed by Carl Zeiss, available in an upright routine microscope for the very first time.

The LEDs for fluorescence applications are fully integrated into the stand and offer a long service life with reduced running costs, excellent image contrast and ease of use. The newly-developed Ergo-stage can be locked along the y axis in exactly the position that a user finds most comfortable and convenient and an extended specimen area is adjustable for specimen heights of up to 110 mm. If one of the optional Vario stands is chosen, larger specimens of up to 380 mm may be examined.

Five series of objectives are offered. The new N-ACHROPLAN objective series is flattened for a field of view of 23 mm in accordance with the ISO standard and is suitable for a large spectrum of applications. In addition, the LED illumination has also been designed to ensure homogenous illumination of fields of view of up to 23 mm with constant color temperature. Axio Scope is compatible with traditional cameras, all Zeiss AxioCam digital cameras and the Zeiss AxioVision image processing software.





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