FLASH 4000 N/Protein analyzer

4th March 2013

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, announces the launch of the new Thermo Scientific FLASH 4000 Nitrogen/Protein analyzer. Designed to offer an alternative to the Kjeldahl methodology for dedicated Nitrogen and N/Protein analysis in the food and beverage industry, the FLASH 4000 N/Protein analyzer features a large sample load (2 grams), ensuring maximum accuracy and reliability of results and improved productivity capabilities. This innovative solution utilizes a powerful combustion method to cater for a wide range of applications in food and animal feed, including cereals, meat, milk, cheese, fertilizers, beer, fruit juice and starch samples.

Food safety is a growing and important market which requires superior analytical accuracy, in order to ensure optimum productivity. The conventional Kjeldahl method for Nitrogen determination is extremely time consuming, requiring extensive sample preparation and handling and requires various unsafe chemicals and solutions. The Kjeldahl method is also associated with high waste costs and is incapable of operating continuously while being strongly dependent on the user's experience. As a consequence, productivity is considerably jeopardized. The new FLASH 4000 N/Protein analyzer eliminates the need for sample preparation and is capable of processing more samples than the Kjeldahl method in less than 7 minutes. In addition, consumable costs associated with the sample preparation are minimized and safety in the laboratory is increased.

Building on more than 40 years of experience in Organic Elemental Analysis (OEA), Thermo Fisher has developed the new generation FLASH 4000 which takes a "sample-in, results-out" approach to ensure maximum ease-of-use and safety. Operating in a real-time, highly productive manner and requiring minimum sample preparation, the analyzer decreases analytical costs and increases revenues. The large sample size capacity of the FLASH 4000 ensures optimum homogeneous analysis and results precision, reducing sample handling time and minimizing matrix effects.

The powerful new FLASH 4000 features a unique, patent pending automatic CO2 adsorber regenerating technology, which is automatically activated to adsorb the CO2 generated during the FLASH combustion. Contrary to traditional technologies, this self-cleaning filter does not need to be changed several times a week, saving time and money. This feature improves the autonomy of the system and reduces instrument downtime and maintenance. The benefits of the FLASH 4000 are further strengthened by an inherent Peltier water elimination device and the combination of a safe, sensitive and reliable Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD), featuring an extensive working range to cover N/Protein applications from low ppm to high percentage concentrations. Furthermore, the new generation software, Thermo Scientific Eager Xperience, enables users to simplify the analytical operation by minimizing user involvement in setting up the analyzer. Functions like Auto-Start,
Auto-Standby, Auto-Ready and Automatic Leak Test allow 24/7 unattended operation.

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