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4th March 2013


Reliability, convenience and value for money are among the reasons that Vindon, one of the UK's largest providers of stability storage solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, has recently switched to MEDICA water purification systems from ELGA Process Water for use not only in its stability storage products but also in its own in-house storage facilities.


Vindon stability storage systems control humidity with ultrasonic humidifiers. These are far more energy efficient than traditional boiler-based humidifiers, but require to be fed with high-quality pure water. Dissatisfied with the reliability of the water purifiers it was currently using, Vindon carried out extensive market research which revealed that ELGA's MEDICA R7 systems were an ideal match for its needs.


Designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of users in the clinical and pharmaceutical sectors, ELGA MEDICA water purification systems are compact integrated units which deliver CLSI Type 1 water with a resistivity of better than 10 Megohm-cm, a TOC of less than 30 ppb and bacteria levels lower than 1 CFU/ml.


The MEDICA R7 units used by Vindon have a capacity of 7 l/hr, and incorporate a purified water recirculation system that ensures consistent high quality with low bacterial specification. In the Vindon's application, each MEDICA R7 can provide sufficient purified water for up to five stability storage rooms.


"Two features of the MEDICA unit are especially important for us," said Patrick Jackson, Vindon's Managing Director. "The first is the use of UV steriliser, which few other suppliers now seem to offer. The second is the ability of the units to deliver a pressurised water feed. This means that we can locate them up to 100 metres away from the storage rooms they are supplying, which is a very significant benefit in large installations where we use one MEDICA to supply multiple rooms."


Reliability was also a key issue, since Vindon's customers are invariably carrying out stability trials in line with FDA requirements. Should the operation of the stability storage system be compromised by failure of the water supply, these tests could be adversely affected, with serious financial consequences.


"ELGA's MEDICA systems are proving to be entirely free from the reliability issues we've experienced in the past with equipment from other suppliers," said Patrick, "and they're also very easy to maintain. Couple these benefits with ease of installation, ready availability and very competitive pricing, and you can see why we're now not only using MEDICA units on new equipment, but also retro-fitting them to many of our existing products."

In addition to the R7 systems used by Vindon, the MEDICA range from ELGA offers larger units with supply capacities up to 200 l/hr. All deliver water that meets the purity requirements of CLSI Type 1, ASTM D1193 Type IIIC, ISO 3696 Grade 1, USP, BP/EP purified water. A full range of optional accessories is also available, including remote control stations and water storage reservoirs.





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