Twin head depositor

4th March 2013

Continuing a successful partnership with Riggs Autopack, a well-known ready meals producer, who for contractual reasons has been kept confidential, is keeping its hot mash potato production running freely with the development of a bespoke twin head depositing machine.

This customer who has been a regular purchaser of Riggs Autopack machinery for a number of years has worked closely with leading machinery manufacturer Riggs Autopack, to develop a customised twin head depositor. The new machine is helping the food producer meet growing demand for its meals that consist of mashed potato by creating significant extra production capacity.

The customer had previously purchased three twin head depositors from Riggs Autopack. However, by working in close partnership the company was able to maintain its development policies to further improve efficiency.

Riggs Autopack's new machine has also helped the customer to eradicate manual depositing of separate meal components into the foil trays it uses. The machine, with its large capacity hopper, works in conjunction with indexing conveyors.

As with all Riggs Autopack machines at the customer's site - each of which can be interchanged with the others for maximum factory flexibility - the new machine comfortably handles many pack types the food firm uses. These include single portion meals and multi-portions of between two and 12 servings for its local authority and other institutional food service customers.

Other depositors at the Riggs Autopack site perform with trouble-free efficiency, mixing and depositing blends of sauces, meats and pasta meal combinations.

Typically, Riggs Autopack's depositors easily handle soups, stews, casseroles or curries and are able to deposit fragile vegetables and cooked meats in sauce with particulates up to 30mm cubed and larger.

It is also possible for meal components to be handled straight from frying or from chilled storage, as the systems are unaffected by temperature.

Riggs Autopack is renowned in the food industry for its responsiveness and ability to provide quality equipment to help customers achieve their objectives. The quality design, versatility and construction of the machinery is excellent, which is why more and more food producers are turning to Riggs Autopack.






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