The SystemSURE Plus

The new SystemSURE Plus from Hygiena International Ltd (UK) makes them the supplier of choice for ATP hygiene monitoring systems to JohnsonDiversey. This rapid test system presents revolutionary technology in a simple, robust format that delivers best value and performance, and will be marketed by JohnsonDiversey Europe BV (The Netherlands) throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Hygiena International uses state-of-the-art technology in its brand new SystemSURE Plus, which provides simple, repeatable testing with robust, low maintenance instrumentation that delivers excellent value for small and large size operations in many areas of use. It is designed to ensure the highest levels of post-cleaning hygiene now required within todays' safety-conscious environment.

Hygiena International have revolutionised ATP Bioluminescence technology to manufacture a very simple, rapid and cost effective test to determine the hygienic status of facilities, plant and equipment after cleaning. The use of such rapid hygiene test has been well established for over 30 years, with a wide range of applications including the food, dairy, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and healthcare and clinical sectors.Based in the UK and California (USA), Hygiena International enjoys market leader status for the manufacture and supply of rapid hygiene test systems including ATP devices, water and other colour indicator tests. They supply globally to many different customers from large multi-nationals, retailers, clinical, industrial and commercial users to government inspection agencies.

Frans Martens, Distributor Manager of Hygiena International states "we are very pleased with this agreement with the worlds foremost supplier of chemical cleaning products and services. It demonstrates once more the attained leading position of Hygiena International in the field of ATP testing, having achieved exponential growth in recent years since the launch of our SystemSURE range. Hygiena remains committed to supplying simple, convenient, cost effective products with excellent service."

JohnsonDiversey is a leading global provider of commercial cleaning and hygiene products in food safety, food and beverage hygiene, floor care, housekeeping and room care, laundry, hand hygiene and industrial cleaning. Additionally, JohnsonDiversey offer a wide range of value-added services, including safety and application training, consulting and hygiene auditing.

Hein Timmerman, Food & Beverage Sector Support Team Leader of JohnsonDiversey comments "the agreement enables JohnsonDiversey to standardise ATP Hygiene Monitoring systems in support of its own product and services for cleaning and disinfection. Hygiena's technology and elegant swab devices provide a simple, robust, cost effective product. Hygiena's extensive distribution network in the region will also provide local logistics and technical support for the hygiene test. The partnership represents a win-win situation for all parties and will deliver a first class service to all our customers."


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