200th antibody humanisation

Fusion Antibodies is celebrating its 200th Antibody Humanisation project, cementing its place as a leading CRO in antibody engineering services. "This 200th Humanisation milestone is a wonderful achievement and I’m delighted for all of these projects which we have successfully completed," says Paul Kerr, CEO of Fusion Antibodies. 

Many therapeutic antibodies start off as a non-human animal antibody and are "humanised" to avoid generating an immune response. Since the Fusion Antibodies adventure started in 2001, it has expanded the number of antibody engineering services it offers so it can best meet its customers' needs. This has grown from its core expertise in antibody humanisation. 

In 2012 the firm crystallised its know-how into its CDRx platform, combining its laboratory experience with powerful in silico techniques. It grafts the residues responsible for affinity from the animal parent antibody onto carefully selected mature human donor frameworks that the firm knows to be stable and express well. It knows exactly which residues are key to maintaining structure and function and its in silico phase screens out sequence liabilities that can impact stability, immunogenicity, expression, and manufacturing. 

"Using our CDRx platform, we provide our clients with a 25-variant panel of humanised antibodies that retain the affinity of the parent antibody and that are development-ready. At least a third of antibodies from our earlier humanisation projects have entered clinical trials and we’re looking forward to following the trajectory of our newer projects. "I look forward to the next 200 projects and working with drug developers around globe to create better drugs to unmet medical needs," says Kerr.

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