Modular continuous automation increases productivity

1st April 2013

FlexyConcept is a modular, continuous automation concept for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

With this concept and the supporting intelligent software FlexySys, SYSTAG demonstrates over 40 years of experience in this area.

In addition to the laboratory and pilot plant reactor units from this manufacturer (FlexyLab, FlexyALR) and its process safety evaluation devices (Calo2310, FlexyTSC), it can also be combined with equipment and systems of numerous third party suppliers.

The ManualMode, which enables the customer to use the system productively after a few minutes and to develop step by step improvements during its use, has created an optimal acceptance by the user.

A module-based control software with easily extendable functions and its own software development resources ensures updating and extension of the system at all times.

All FlexyConcept integrated solutions for automation are operated with the use of FlexySys software.

The change of one employee to another available with the system poses no problems. SYSTAG says the employees are able to master its use instantly and can be productive immediately.

The Word-based, auto-generated protocols can be specified to each customer in form of templates, no further training is required since Microsoft Word user skills are already in place.

The system can be adapted to meet CFR21 Part11 regulations.

The documented experimental data (Fix Intellution) are also approved by the Food Drug Admistration in the United States.

A non-modifiable Log-Eventfile stores all the system’s operational events, which enables us to quickly analyse problems and to solve them reliably.

SYSTAG AG is based Rüschlikon, Switzerland.





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