Diversified isolator system for critical process steps

Barrier isolators separate the operator from the process and the products. The ARIS is a high quality, state of the art, barrier system, for the flexible use in environmental health and safety, as well as product protection applications.

The ARIS is a four glove isolator which can be operated in positive pressure and gives high flexibility in use. The air in the ARIS is filtered by 2 HEPAH14 filters and therefore provides clean room class ISO5. The system can be operated in ISO class 7 background. It saves substantial running cost, by reducing the amount of clean room clothing and microbiological surface samples.

If products are processed aseptically or samples are tested for sterility, microbial-, particulate- or cross contamination of the product or process can be avoided. The completely integrated H2O2 decontamination system, SIS700, gives for a quick, fully automatic decontamination of the isolator. The stabile, reproducible result of the SIS700 guarantees a SAL of 10-6 in the enclosure. The short cycle time is reached by optimal gas distribution and efficient aeration.

The safe H2O2 decontamination process is widely accepted in the pharmaceutical industry, which is suitable for laboratory or production applications.

As an outcome of the SkanAG research, the high quality construction of the ARIS is made from stainless steel and glass. The optimal accessibility to all areas in the isolator allows ergonomic process handling. The cleaning of the isolator is simple and reproducible.

Skan AG is based in Bael, Switzerland. www.skan.ch

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