Keyless organisation for lockers

The Schulte-Schlagbaum AG offers two solutions for the keyless organisation of lockers and safes in laboratory facilities. With the SAFE-O-TRONIC RFID-Lock for lockers, existing staff badges for employee identification adopt the function of the locker key. Therefore the patented electronic RFID locking system for lockers and compartments for articles of value is the ideal solution for complex installations, ie in combination with access control or time recording.

The locker can be opened or locked by use of the staff badge. Just press smoothly – and the door opens. In case of ‘key’ losses or changes in the organisation there are no expenses for time or costs for replacement keys and cylinders. In laboratory facilities or industrial installations with shift workers existing locker capacities can be reduced by up to 60percent through programming daily time limits. As a result, one locker can be used not only by one single person, but by several employees per day. In case the locker user forgot his locker number, an info terminal will show the right number to him.

The integration of the SAFE-O-TRONIC locking system in existing identification systems for human resources time management, entrance control, or cafeteria billing is easily possible. Available RFID technologies are HITAG and MIFARE.

The Keypad lock for memory aided locking SAFE-O-PIN eliminates need for both keys and data carriers. The PIN-code lock is the perfect solution for lockers in cleanroom areas. The operation is easy: Enter a personal 4-digit code – lock the chosen locker simply by turning the knob. Open the door quickly and easily through user’s chosen code! SAFE-O-PIN eliminates need for keys and administration of key control and saves standard follow-up costs for replacement purchases.

Both SAFE-O-TRONIC and SAFE-O-PIN do not need wiring. The locker locks are outfitted with individual long time power supplies.

Schulte-Schlagbaum AG is based in Velbert, Germany.

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