Products with mini engines

The development of a product always comes along with a risk. In addition to the risk of not being accepted by the customer, the step into the production of small series is important and often complicated. Many developments are ceased during laboratory stage.

The purpose of a laboratory machine is the minimising of the investment risk – to prove function and malfunction before investing in a costly production line. Ideally processes are running exactly the way they work in large engines. The smaller capacity makes the main difference: the risk of messing up a whole charge is lesser.

The compact system of Busser is a multifunctional machine covering all needs out of several food branches. It unites the processes cutting, mixing, disperging, emulsifying, direct and indirect heating and working under vacuum in one engine. The compact system is modularly designed and can be constructed to the customers needs. The process control guarantees a high automation standard and product quality by a short effort. By combining several modules the engine provides the entire production process.

Busser Technologie GmbH is based in Bremen, Germany.

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