Steam filling system packages puddings

Aseptic packaging processes are the best possible answer to increased demand for longer shelf lives without affecting the quality of products not stored in refrigerated conditions.

Hassia has many years of experience with hygienic and aseptic forming, filling and sealing machines, as confirmed by the 3A certification and the American FDA approval. A North-American company has been using Hassia systems with the chemical-free aseptic steam system to package puddings since 1994. Four machines are currently operational. Machine number five will be ready to start producing soon. With a speed of 40 cycles a minute, it will be producing 48 cups from steam-sterilised film.

This high cycle speed can only be obtained with the help of the servo-driven preheating system which enables optimum adjustment of all the critical form parameters. Three diaphragm valve-type dosing units (CIP/SIP) enable each of the 100-ml cups to be filled with several different components or to fill different flavours in every work cycle.

Steam-sterilised lid material is used to hermetically seal the cups before they leave the sterile zone of the machine. A multi-punch tool separates the cups in pairs and discharges them via a conveyor belt.

The electronic control includes such elements as the graphic HMI (human machine interface), operational data collection and functions for remote diagnosis and teleservice.

This aseptic FFS system with its capacity of about 115000 cups/hour offers optimum productivity. At the same time, the sophisticated control system and the variable use of the three dosing units enable a versatile product range and great flexibility for aseptic production of packed products which will be distributed with a shelf life of over 12months.

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Hassia Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH is based in Ranstadt, Germany.

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