Protocols for sample preparation and analysis

To assist with proteomics research, Pall Life Sciences, which manufactures membranes and chromatography resins that exhibit high resolution and binding capacities with low non-specific binding for the purification and concentration of proteins, has developed a detailed application handbook containing a range of protocols for sample preparation and analysis.

Protocols detailed in the handbook include:

  • Abundant Protein Removal – including protocols for affinity chromatography resins as well as with complete kits for removal of multiple abundant proteins (albumin, IgG) in one step.
  • Protein Fractionation – protocol options include chromatography resin for affinity capture, ion exchange separation, and mixed-mode capture resins.
  • Detergent Removal – applications using SDR HyperD resin.
  • Protein Concentration and Buffer Exchange – using a range of ultrafiltration spin devices, UF plates and gel filtration media.
  • Protein Detection – including polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) and nitrocellulose membranes for western blotting, available as cut membranes or integrated into
  • multi-well filter plates.

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Pall Europe Limited is based in Portsmouth, UK.

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