Doubling imaging speed shows rapid wetting

1st April 2013

By keeping track of the latest improvements in digital camera technology, KSV Instruments can now offer a substantial increase in imaging speed from 30 to 60 frames per second, for the same competitive price.

The main benefit of this change is the doubled resolution when observing rapid dynamic processes such as the spreading of a liquid across a surface or the penetration of a liquid into a porous substrate.

Even other dynamic processes, such as the rapid initial drop in surface or interfacial tension on drop formation can be much more clearly resolved.

The CAM series covers your contact angle/surface tension/interfacial tension requirements with flexible and open architecture and user-friendly software. Improvements include the automatic tilting cradle, vertical meniscus profiling and automatic sample stage and liquid dispensing options.

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KSV Instruments Ltd is based in Helsinki, Finland.





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