Ultra low residue biocide

1st April 2013

Shield Medicare Ltd, a division of Ecolab, delivers specialist sterile contamination control products, notably sterile alcohols and biocides to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries both in the UK and across Europe.

Shield Medicare’s new range will include the ultra low residue biocide, Premier-WFI Klercide-CR Sterile Filtered Biocide C, for use in very high grade zones and RABS, where very low residue levels are essential.

Also included in the extended range are two new sterile sporicides. Premier Klercide-CR Sterile Biocide E is a sterile hypochlorite solution containing 0.5percent (5000ppm) available chlorine. Klercide E also comes as a unit dose concentrate, Premier Klercide-CR Sterile Biocide S, which is available in tablet form for ease of dilution.

Premier Klercide-CR Sterile Biocide T Unit Dose Concentrate is a sterile liquid concentrate biocide which makes up 8 litres of diluted product. It is particularly effective against bacteria and yeasts.

Shield Medicare is also extending its range of Premier-WFI Klercide 70/30 Sterile Alcohols, by incorporating two brand new aerosols, one with IPA, Premier-WFI Klercide 70/30 Sterile IPA Aerosol and the other with Denatured Ethanol, Premier-WFI Klercide 70/30 Sterile Denatured Ethanol Aerosol.

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Shield Medicare Limited is based in Farnham, Surrey, UK.





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