New ultra-low-residue biocide available for RABS

1st April 2013

When carrying out applications in very high grade areas, such as Grade A and B cleanrooms, or the outer areas of RAB Systems, the highest quality of product is required. Very low residue levels are important and Water for Injection should be used in disinfectants for direct product contact areas in order to minimise endotoxin levels. In response to this requirement, Shield Medicare has introduced a new Biocide for Life Science Cleanrooms, which is suitable for very high grade zones, RABS and product contact areas.
Premier-WFI Klercide-CR Biocide C is a high grade, sterile, broad spectrum rotational disinfectant with sporicidal activity. It is a blend of high grade six per cent Hydrogen Peroxide and Water for Injection. The Hydrogen Peroxide is the same quality as that which is used for gassing applications, therefore it is a complementary product of equal ‘purity’ for these applications and for the outer areas of RABS.
Premier-WFI Klercide-CR Biocide C is suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces in cleanrooms and controlled environments, isolators, LAFs, equipment exteriors and production vessels. As it is a blend of Hydrogen Peroxide and Water for Injection, it is very low residue, thereby eliminating the need to wipe down with alcohol or water, and it has endotoxin levels guaranteed to be below 0.25EU/ml. In addition it can be used as part of a rotation with any other Shield Medicare biocide.
The biocide blend is 0.2micron filtered, sterile filled and triple bagged under unidirectional flow in a Grade B cleanroom using a strictly controlled and validated process.
The trigger spray bottle incorporates an adjustable trigger and the patented SteriShield Delivery System, which allows all the liquid to be dispensed, with no wastage, while guaranteeing
in-use sterility of six months. u

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