Low-fat yoghurts with new cultures

1st April 2013

Biotechnology company Chr. Hansen has launched six new cultures within the Yo-flex and Nu-trish segment that offers up to 20percent more texture in the final yoghurt.

“The goal has been to develop new cultures that improve texture formation by up to 20 per cent and at the same time provide the unique mildness, the fast fermentation and the robustness already known from our other DVS cultures,” says Hans Christian Bejder, Global Marketing Manager, Chr. Hansen.

Health is a very important food trend on the global market today and within the yoghurt category health translates into low fat, low sugar and probiotic effect.

The new Chr. Hansen cultures provide the possibility to naturally decrease the use of fat and sugar in yoghurts through strains unique for their low post acidification giving a mild yoghurt product.

Further, some of the new cultures contain well-known, documented probiotic strains – BB-12 and LA-5.

The 20 per cent higher texture makes it possible to develop low fat or no fat products and still maintain creaminess and smoothness.

The cultures thus meet the global manufacturer and consumer demand that appearance, texture and taste in low fat yoghurt may not be different from full fat yoghurt.

“When we started the development process we were facing many trials and severe technical challenges. But I am happy to say that we have succeeded, not least due to our strong international development organisation as well as our competence level within selection and characterisation of lactic acid bacteria

and composing of unique cultures, ” says Esben Laulund, Vice President, Product Development, Cultures & Enzymes, Chr. Hansen.

The new culture names are: YF-L901, YF-L902, YF-L705, YF-L706, ABY-10 and ABT-10. Chr. Hansen has carefully tested all new cultures in industrial scale yoghurt plants before market introduction.

“In Chr. Hansen we constantly work on providing the market with new cultures that meet the requirements for high quality, uniformity, safety and flexibility in modern yoghurt production”, concludes Hans Christian Bejder

Chr. Hansen is a biotechnology company that provides ingredients to the food, dairy, human health and nutrition, and animal health industries.

The company is a leading supplier of cultures, probiotics, enzymes, colours, flavours, seasonings, tablet coatings and excipients, which are applied in foods and beverages, as well as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and agricultural products. 

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