Adenovirus purification in only two hours

To also meet the great demand for the purification of adenovirus  from larger cell culture volumes, Vivapure AdenoPACK500 was developed for purification of up to 3x1013 virus particles from 500ml cell culture. This kit is operated by a laboratory pump, which allows convenient processing of the large sample volume, reduces hand-on time and leads to a better process control.

Vivapure AdenoPACK 500 includes all reagents and devices necessary for clarification, purification and concentration of Adenovirus from HEK293 cells. In only two hours up to 3x1013 purified virus particles are recovered for in-vitro transfections.
In contrast to traditional Cesium Chloride density gradient methods, virus purification with Vivapure AdenoPACK is fast, simple, not toxic to virus and cells and leads to a higher virus titer using the same amount of original cell culture. Additionally, expensive equipment as an ultracentrifuge is no longer needed.

The membrane adsorbers with porous matices, high capacities, low differential pressure, high flow rates and low unspecific adsorption show an excellent performance in small-scale virus purification.

However, they are also scalable to confirm to cGMP facilities to large volume, high performance separation, reducing the processing time by a factor of 10in the final process.

Vivascience GmbH is based in Hanover, Germany.

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