E20m investment in expanding plant sterol ester production

1st April 2013

“Now we can tailor production to the precise needs of our customers, providing them with exactly what they want, when they want it,” said Dr Franz Timmermann, Global Market Segment Manager for Functional Food.
“And it's not just a question of capacity,” Dr Timmermann explained. “The new facility is state-of-the-art in terms of technology, manufacturing and safety standards – it meets all the criteria of the forthcoming ISO 22000.”
Cognis has been marketing plant sterols esters since 2000 and the company supplies its Vegapure range for a number of
well-known consumer brands.
The new facility at Illertissen in will also strengthen Cognis' leadership position in meeting the rapidly increasing demand from manufacturers for non-genetically modified plant sterol esters.
Vegapure plant sterol esters are available in both oil-soluble and water-dispersible form, to facilitate handling and application in food processing.
Cognis is now marketing the plant sterol esters ingredients
for a wide range of food products that includes not only yellow spreads, yoghurt and milk-type products, but also cheese, soya milk and dressings.
Using its experience in oleochemicals, Cognis develops products and solutions for personal care, home care and
modern nutrition, as well as high-performance products for numerous industrial markets, including oleochemicals, care chemicals, nutrition and health, functional products, and process chemicals. 

Cognis is based in Illertissen, Germany.




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