Warm reception for ice-cold collection and delivery solution

1st April 2013

A new, holistic and cost effective approach to the specialist transportation of diagnostic samples at low and sub-zero temperatures will deliver big savings in both time and money for research sponsors, laboratories and investigators the world over.

Already established as the world's leading business-to-business express delivery company, TNT Express Services is now making rapid inroads into the previously elitist sector of diagnostic specimens distribution following the launch of its aone-stop' Medpak Thermo service.

TNT is the first company to supply laboratories with an all-encompassing transportation solution that includes packaging materials, dry ice, door-to-door collection and delivery and all relevant documentation. Not only does Medpak Thermo remove the ahassle' factor for customers of having to source and use dry ice, it does so at a fraction of the previous cost.

As the numbers suggest, the Medpak Thermo 72 and 96 services represent the transit time - in hours ­ where a sample or product would be validated to be transported safely at a constant temperature.

Customer demand was a primary factor in TNT developing Medpak Thermo. Paul Slee, General Manager, Business Development for TNT Express, said: “A number of our customers kept asking us why we didn't provide dry-ice packaging solutions. As a company that responds to the needs of its customers, TNT is now addressing those requirements.

“We are ideally placed to provide an unsurpassed service. We have the largest wholly-owned infrastructure of road and air delivery routes in the express delivery sector, including Europe's most advanced integrated road and air network, with commercial fleets operating in more than 200 countries.“

Consignments can be monitored 24/7 via the company's innovative track and trace systems giving customers access to the progress of their individual packages at any stage of the delivery process. TNT's award-winning Customer Interface Technology enables the tracking of shipments via a variety of electronic formats including the internet,

WAP-enabled mobile phones and through an e-mail tracking service.

TNT Express UK & Ireland is in Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK.





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