ACherry-picking' clones

1st April 2013

Genetix Limited has announced the launch of QPDisplay ­ a dedicated picking and library management system that increases productivity by improving the reliability, precision and accuracy of the phage display process.

QPDisplay is applied to the critical later stages of antibody development. The new system supports the multi-round bio-panning workflow of picking, re-arraying of positives and acherry picking' of unique clones. QPDisplay is an integral part of the company's portfolio of instrumentation for upstream aspects of antibody development and perfectly complements its hybridoma selection and mammalian cell picking systems, ClonePix and ClonePixFL.

Dr Ian Taylor, Business Manager at Genetix, said: “Antibody discovery using phage display is a time-sensitive process that generates high-value end products. Colony picking and subsequent clone management are key steps of the phage display process. By increasing accuracy and reliability here, we can have a significant impact on both productivity and timescales.“

Phage display is an established and powerful tool for antibody discovery, optimisation and generation.

However, there is often a considerable amount of manual work involved in the process. This increases both processing time and the risk of errors.

QPDisplay removes many of the labour-intensive aspects of the work.

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