Stainless servomotors suit clean or hostile conditions

1st April 2013

Baldor is launching a new family of all-stainless-steel servomotors, providing optimised protection for the most demanding automation applications in clean environments such as bio-pharm and food packaging and processing lines, or hostile operating situations such as inside machine tools.

The new family introduces a valuable new performance option for OEMs, allowing them to deliver higher speeds, accelerations and positioning accuracies in clean-in-place machinery and automation.

The new Baldor SSBSM Series servomotors are designed to withstand high-pressure washdown environments.

Among the protection features incorporated is a 304 stainless steel housing that is protected to IP67 standard and which will easily withstand cleaning using caustic materials at pressures up to 103bar(1500PSI).

Other advanced protection features include: an FDA (USA Food and Drugs Administration) shaft seal to comply with food industry and BISSC (USA Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee) standards; a potted stator for environmental protection and high voltage protection; an internal thermal switch to safeguard against overheating; advanced Exxon Polyrex EX Polyurea grease lubrication for extended life; and a laser etched nameplate to ensure that there are no areas for process media and bacteria to cling to.

The new servomotors are available in five frame sizes with continuous torques from 0.45 to 32Nm (3.9 to 280lbin), and peak torques ranging from three to four times the continuous duty ratings.

The motors may also be specified with standard or low inertias to help OEMs to optimise machine performance for specific applications and loads.

In all, the new family offers a choice of 25 servomotors.

Baldor can also supply compatible drives to accompany the new motors, as well as a wide choice of motion controllers in either PCB or packaged and ready-to-use forms.

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