“E” reshaping Marketing – Are you ready, Pharma?

Recently, the year of mobile, social, multichannel and omnichannel have proved to be the major disruptive forces in the world of modern marketing.

Therefore Blue Latitude believes that in 2013 Pharma marketing teams will focus on four significant areas in order to reach their audience in an ever more fragmented market, whilst maximising its ROI.

These areas include shifting from marketing to medical, online & offline integration, adding value to the pill, and realigning business & customer impact.
Which marketing activities are you planning for 2013? Does your company already have a defined digital strategy? What do you consider to be the No. 1 challenge marketers in the pharma industry will have to face in 2013?
Alternately, are you looking for brand new ideas and best practices for inspiration? Join Fleming Europe and explore new meanings and opportunities behind the “digital”!
When 11 – 13 September 2013
Where Barcelona, Spain

After two successful events, Fleming Europe is organizing its 3rd Annual Pharma eMarketing Congress, this time with the aim to provide a platform for exchange of valuable insight into today‘s e-Customers, and to equip pharma companies with the tools needed to impact sales.
John Mack, also known as “Pharmaguy”, President of Pharma Marketing Network, USA, will focus in his workshop on the “turbulent marriage” of social media & the pharma industry: “There is no question as to the role of social media in marketing. Also, it is clear to everyone that if companies want to survive in the tough competitive environment, they have to adapt to what their customers want. However, are pharma companies really ready to use social media to its fullest and see all the benefits?”
For the more demanding among you with a strong focus on social media, a special Social Media Day Training is prepared. Attendees will gain insight into social media guidelines, learn how to set and handle the social media mindset, monitor digital KPIs, as well as the factors of good communication between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.
Over two days, the event itself will offer a broader scope of the topics. Expert speakers from Pfizer, Janssen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim, Gedeon Richter PregLem, and many others, will draw attendees into mobile health & mobile marketing, behavioural aspects of marketing, and good content strategy. Gamification, as a new buzzword, and the use of SMAC in compliance with different regulatory environments from country-specific points of view will be introduced. Delegates will gain special insight from the other side – doctor's and patient's perspectives.
The full event program may be downloaded here
In the special feature, Lucky Draw, participants will have the opportunity to win 1 of 3 books “The Web-Savvy Patient” by Andrew Schorr, a leukemia survivor, patient educator and a living example of how information can be the best medicine.
If you don't want your ideas sit and gather dust, join Fleming Europe's 3rd Annual Pharma eMarketing Congress. You are also welcome to join discussions in the Pharma SFE & Marketing Forum.
About Fleming Europe
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