The rise of teleoperation

Recent years have seen a significant increase in the usage of remotely operated systems in a range of industries, including surgical robots

The advantage of being small

High-resolution positioning systems in miniaturised design. By Steffen Arnold

World's largest X-ray laser

Will enable international scientists to decipher the molecular composition of viruses and cells, take three-dimensional images of the nanoworld


Hand-held refractometer for Brix analysis of beverages and foodstuffs

ITT Analytics launches new Bellingham + Stanley digital hand-held refractometer

Space greenhouse set up on International Space Station

Greenhouse project, funded by the European Space Agency, involves astronaut growing Arabidopsis (thale cress) and lettuce seedlings

Survival skills of plants after dark investigated

New study by UK scientists could optimise crop production in the future

Invasion threats to avocados

An entomologist is in Peru until the end of July 2010 to look for known avocado pests, in particular, the avocado seed moth, Stenoma...

Secrets of nutritious and resilient corn breed

Researchers have discovered the basis for what makes corn kernels hard, a quality that allows corn to be easily harvested, stored and transported.

Organic pesticides not always greener

A new study reveals some organic pesticides can have a higher environmental impact than conventional pesticides because the organic product may require larger doses.

Saving the soil, maintaining corn yields

Two years into a study looking at methods of combining a living cover crop between corn rows shows that yield can be maintained using environmental practises.

Fungi aid plants growth

By tinkering with a type of fungus that lives in association with plant roots, researchers have found a way to increase the growth of rice by an impressive margin.

Where the wild veggies are

Scientists believe the botanical genus Cucumis, to which both the cucumber and the honeydew melon belong, originated and diversified in...

Tackling a devastating pest outbreak

In the start of a carefully crafted emergency campaign to thwart a pest outbreak that is wreaking havoc on Thailand's vital cassava...

New virus may pose risk to wild salmon

Farmed fish are an increasingly important food source, with a global harvest now at 110 million tons and growing at more than 8 percent a...

Tips for deworming lambs

Deworming lambs can be minimized with rotational grazing and checking the animals' eye color, according to an Agricultural Research Service...

Pear Pest's Pheromone Identified

Scientists have jointly identified a key component of the female psylla's chemical sex attractant, or pheromone, which could set the stage for luring amorous males to their doom.

Value of Chicken Litter in Cotton Production

Chicken litter is much more valuable as a fertilizer than previously thought, according to an Agricultural Research Service study showing its newfound advantages over conventional fertilizers.

Wild Potato Germplasm Holds Key to Disease Resistance

Wild potato germplasm that offers resistance to some major potato diseases has been identified by a team of scientists.

Taking a Long Look at Livestock and Locoweed

Keeping livestock away from poisonous locoweed during seasons when it's a forage favorite is one way ranchers can protect their animals and their profits, according to a 20-year collaboration scientists and their university partners.

Best use of fertilisers suggested

A new way to make topographic maps with radar can help farmers divert more of their resources to the highest-yielding parts of their fields,...




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