Discovery of new type of immune cells

Scientists have discovered a new type of immune cells - the Th22 cells - which can protect the body against inflammation and aid in tissue repair.

Lab tests materials

Community reference laboratory for food packaging ensures chemicals used in products do not affect human health.

Food development scheme boosts entrepreneurial thinking and skills

New recruits to the food industry will be well practised in the creation of new food products if they have attended the Food Science and Technology Department of University College Cork in Eire.

Innovations will increase efficiency and cut cost

The diversity of developments that has been recently announced by packaging and labelling companies shows the industry to be flourishing with a wide range of new products that help food producers increase efficiency and decrease costs.

"Vertical, form, fill and seal packaging machine speeds throughput"

Eric Russell looks at the latest developments and product releases in the packaging and labelling arena.

New treatment of gastrointestinal disease

The intestine is the largest organ in the human body and fulfills vital functions in the breakdown and utilisation of food. If for some...

You know the drill

For many people, the high-pitched whir of a dentist’s drill is sufficiently chilling that they would prefer to take chances with their...

Cost saving laser-based process for manufacturing free-form optics

There is a growing demand for non-spherical glass optics. Currently, these optical elements - for example lenses for cameras or multifocal...

When the immune system defeats HIV

Experts at Johns Hopkins report compelling evidence that some asymptomatic people with HIV and remain symptom free without treatment do so because of a strong immune system.

Organ rejection culprit identified

When a mouse's immune system is deciding whether to reject a skin graft, one powerful member of a molecular family can help the graft survive.



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