High precision spherical mirrors

High precision spherical mirrors are used in a variety of applications, including, observatory spectrographs and bubble chambers

Latest spectrofluorophotometer introduced

RF-6000 spectrofluorophotometer from Shimadzu provides comprehensive range of applications with enhanced ease-of-use

First component of new spectroscopy range announced

Avantes is now offering the first instrument in its new EVO series: the AvaSpec-ULS2048L-EVO

New NMR technology introduced

Bruker introduces its next-generation GigaHertz NMR technology

Pointing the finger at drug dealers

Technology can detect the presence of a range of illegal and designer drugs from a single fingerprint

Dynamic sampling accessories

Ocean Optics spectroscopy tools ideally suited to inhomogeneous samples

Software solutions handle data from different vendors

Growing end-user demand for interface simplicity and seamless deployment is driving software solutions that can handle data from many...

Modified vibrating cup mill

Latest solution features higher grinding performance and pellet press

New CMOS linear image sensor

Hamamatsu launches latest sensor, specially designed for spectrometry applications

New compact NIR spectrometer

Avantes introduces new solution featuring more sensitivity and less weight

UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer launched

Flex is designed as a multi-functional tool able to acquire micro-scale images and spectra from the deep UV to the NIR

Shining a new light on optical spectroscopy

Oxford Instruments launches new optical cryostat for low-temperature spectroscopy applications

Advances in multilabel readers

Bernd Hutter and Dr Frank Schleifenbaum reveal the latest developments in multilabel readers for spectroscopic applications

Analysis of complex mixtures comes into focus

Major advances in mass spectrometry technologies are making analysis of extremely complex mixtures a simpler, more accurate lab task

Auxillary port expands capabilities of ultra fast framing camera

The camera is capable of scanning up to 1 billion frames/second

High resolution spectrometer

Spectrometer specialist McPherson introduces a new high-resolution spectrometer system with Pico metre resolution capability

Determining copolymer levels in polymer pellets

Non-destructive determination in less than 30 seconds

Phosphorus-31 capable benchtop NMR spectroscopy system

Spinsolve Phosphorus designed to meet needs pharmaceutical and medicinal chemists, synthetic chemists monitoring reactions, industrial...

Low volume spectrophotometer

No calibration required to consistently and accurately quantitate small volumes of nucleic acids and proteins

High-speed separation by ion mobility

Owlstone introduces UltraFAIMS series of products for improved mass spectrometry




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