Half of care home patients suffer drug errors

Errors in administration of medication are a serious problem in long-term residential care. A new electronic medication management system...

Direct extraction/analysis of dried blood spots

A fully automated system has been developed for the extraction of DBS cards that can be coupled directly to the MS or LC-MS system

Flow methodology for highly reproducible bromination reactions

Uniqsis has announced an application note that describes a continuous flow methodology for electrophilic bromination that offers excellent...

Cortisone can increase risk of acute pancreatitis

A new study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden shows that cortisone - a hormone used in certain medicines - increases the risk of acute pancreatitis.

Roche launches new process for accessing clinical trial data

Roche has announced that it is expanding access to its clinical trial data for third party researchers.

Pharma logistics 2013

This event will gather over 85 leading logistics and cold chain experts from big pharma companies, wholesalers, retailers and associations on 9 -10 April 2013 in Vienna, Austria.

Recipharm supplies clinical trial material for FDA approved phase IIb study sponsored by PledPharm

Recipharm and PledPharma announce FDA approval of an IND application for Phase IIb clinical trial with PledOx, PLIANT, in the U.S.

Team Consulting unveil packaging design based on ‘unboxing’ concept at Pharmapack 2013

Team Consulting will be unveiling its brand new ‘unboxing’ packaging concept for medical devices at this year’s Pharmapack Europe in...

Treatment of hepatic encephalopathy

Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited and Alfa Wassermann are pleased to announce the launch of TARGAXAN® 550 in the UK - the only treatment available in the UK that is licensed for ‘the reduction in recurrence of episodes of overt hepatic...

Modular flow reactor systems

Uniqsis has announced a new portfolio of modular flow systems, based around its Binary Pump Module (BPM) and FlowSyn™ flow reactor...

Project & portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry

Fleming Europe will be discussing new PPM strategies such as innovation and partnering, portfolio risk analyses, project prioritization, emerging markets and many more at a conference in Frankfurt, Germany from 15 – 16 November.

New silent blood pressure monitor

Omron Healthcare Europe B.V. announces an upgrade of its wrist type blood pressure monitor range, including its slimmest and quietest models...

Combustion system provides safe determination of halogens, phosphorus & sulfur

The Model OFCU-1 from Exeter Analytical provides a highly safe tool for preparing samples for elemental analysis of Halogens, Phosphorus and...

Benefit from a brand new oncology stream introduced in Barcelona

With the government trying to cut down costs on health spending, market access for oncology therapeutics is becoming more complicated and difficult. On the other hand, oncology medications, which are usually considered to be especially...

Bausch and Stroebel uses zenon from COPA-DATA

Bausch and Stroebel is now using zenon from COPA-DATA as a company-wide platform for process and information management. The globally-active...

Chloroquine makes comeback to combat malaria

Malaria-drug monitoring over the past 30 years has shown that malaria parasites develop resistance to medicine, and the first signs of resistance to the newest drugs have just been observed.

Methadone reduces risk of HIV transmission in people who inject drugs, say experts

People who inject drugs can significantly reduce their risk of HIV infection with the use of opiate substitution treatments such as methadone, as suggested by an international team of researchers in a paper published on

Pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access

Pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and market access systems differ significantly in the European countries and are nowadays subject of constant interest in the pharmaceutical sector. Fleming Europe brings to you its 8th Annual Pricing,...

New test to crack down on sporting drugs-cheat test

Scientists from three UK universities have developed a new test to catch drugs-cheats in sport.

Market Access Oncology Forum

Fleming Europe has organised its 2nd Annual MARKET ACCESS ONCOLOGY FORUM taking place from 16 – 17 October 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. 20 expert speakers from pharma companies will bring their valuable insights into the health care policy...



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