High performance accessories for high speed imaging

Ensures that data collection is precisely synchronised to a transient process, high-speed cameras typically employ optical triggers

High definition video processor for gastrointestinal endoscopic imaging

Enhanced endoscopic in vivo diagnostic ensures faster detection, easier demarcation and characterisation of gastrointestinal lesions to...

Precision sample control for neuroscience and electrophysiology

Prior’s range of motorised microscope stages give excellent control over XY movement

Ensure success via a systematic cell culture workflow

Jan Barghaan explains how modern technologies are bringing speed, accuracy and standardisation to cell cultur

Motorised microscope focus blocks

The FB series of Z-axis motorised focus blocks, from Prior Scientific, offer precise and repeatable positioning of loads with a weight of up...

Microscope camera portfolio expanded

The PROGRES GRYPHAX ARKTUR and NAOS models will complete the range of cameras for routine use in microscopy

Microscope stage extension wings

Mounting accessories close to your stage facilitates the precise sample positioning required to create the optimal experimental set up

Combining Raman imaging with nanoindentation

Improves materials characterisation, says the University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Recording of high-contrast samples

The PROGRES GRYPHAX ARKTUR and NAOS cameras are set to be the latest additions to Jenoptik's USB 3.0 product range

Faster confocal imaging

Microscope combines high-performance imaging capabilities with ease of use so researchers in fields such as cell biology, cancer research...

Novel in-vivo imaging solution for neuroscientists

Neurotar’s Mobile HomeCage is an accessory device for microscopy and electrophysiology, which enables high precision tests in the brain of...

Accurate spectrophotometric measurement of illumination

LumaSpec LS800S uses an illumination target slide mounted on the microscope to provide information about the illumination in the sample...

3D, 1000 X magnification imaging modality for preclinical research

New scanning technique will be particularly valuable to researchers tackling the complexities of translational medicine

Ultra stable microscope platforms for electrophysiology and neuroscience

Z-Deck offers an stable platform ensuring experimental area is as smooth and vibration free as possible

Motorised microscope stand for viewing large samples

The Pro Z from Prior Scientific is a motorised microscope stand offering an extensive travel range of 254mm and extremely fine resolution...

Precise fine focus microscope adjustment

Prior Scientific has announced the FB201 co-axial coarse and fine focusing block, designed for OEM microscopy applications where precise...

Streamlining micro-indentation testing reveals mechanical properties of bone

Olympus has released a new application note detailing how digital light microscopy has been advancing investigations into the mechanical...

Microscope inspection of engine wear

Prior Scientific has announced a new 47mm filter sample holder for its H101A microscope stage.

Greater fidelity in multicolour confocal imaging

Leica Microsystems launches the HyVolution true confocal super-resolution technology for the Leica TCS SP8 confocal microscope platform

Streamlining cell culture workflow

From live cell observation and documentation to cell sampling and handling




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