New digital microscope

Latest solution from Keyence ensures both quality and safety of GC Aesthetics implants

Adiabatic sheer measurement

Application report on adiabatic sheer measurement using 2D digital image correlation

Innovation in digital pathology is step closer to faster diagnosis of cancer

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Pathology Lab to digitally scan 100% of slides. Leeds is home to the largest repository of digital...

World’s only cryogen-free hybrid PET-MRI system

MR Solutions uses industry event to showcase the world’s only cryogen free hybrid PET-MRI system

Focus corrected SWIR lens

Resolve Optics launches new short wavelength infrared lens for inspection and sorting applications

Experts are creating a step change in life sciences sector

UK set to be global leader in providing large-scale industrial access to cryo-EM for drug discovery thanks to new collaboration

Cutting-edge electron microscope revealed

Highly advanced electron microscope unveiled at opening of new £5million structural biology centre in Scotland

Fast measurement of nanocrystal length and thickness

Asymmetrical flow field flow fractionation coupled to multi angle light scattering used to characterise a polydisperse cellulose nanocrystal...

Your chance to win Olympus Image of the Year Award 2018

Enter the Olympus European Life Science Light Microscopy Awards before 31 October 2018

Challenging aspheric lenses for nuclear research

Ultra-fast focusing 370mm diameter aspheric lenses for the Orion petawatt laser research facility

Case study shows benefits of a stage used with X-ray CT

The Jing Du Research Group at Penn State University uses Deben's CT5000 stage with X-ray computerised-tomography to study solid state...

Super-resolution microscope launched in the USA

Easily image at two times the conventional resolution limit of the light microscope, to resolve structures and living samples at high speed

Digital microscopy platform to be presented

New platform for applications in science and industry to be released at industry conference

Ultra-smooth mirrors enhance laser power density

Optical Surfaces reports on how high-power laser groups are benefiting from its ultra-smooth off-axis parabolic mirrors

Temperature-controlled microscopy used to study mineral deposits

The Natural History Museum uses temperature-controlled microscopy to study inclusions in mineral deposits

AFM case study

The University of Basel Nano Imaging Lab uses JPK's NanoWizard 4 to provide flexible SPM services

Streak/framing camera provides insight into nano events

Ultra-fast camera systems offer scientists unique abilities

Augmented microscopy platform demonstrated

Jenoptik collaborated with Google on microscopy technology to assist pathologists in detecting cancer with deep learning

Athermalised beam expanders

Optical Surfaces introduces beam expanders for challenging applications

Researchers reveal structure of common herpes virus

Nobel prize winning technology reveals common herpes virus structure




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