BioScope Catalyst Atomic Force Microscope

MIRO software allows optical images to precisely guide AFM imaging and force measurements and creates correlated AFM and optical datasets with flexible offline analysis features.

MM-400/800 Measuring Microscopes

Most parts requiring inspection today are a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and materials and all demand creative new approaches to traditional microscopy.

High accuracy AOI systems

Fully-automated 3D inspection and high accuracy measurement systems. These are full-colour systems capable of high accuracy measurements, defect detection and colour verification.

Brain activity and phantom limbs

Researchers conducted fMRI scans to analyse the patient's brain activity during actual and imagined movements of her healthy right hand, imagined movements of her paralysed left hand and movements of the SPL.

Tracing development of Parkinson's disease

While finding a biomarker for Parkinson's disease remains an elusive goal, researchers have shown that a non-invasive brain scanning technique offers promise.

Neural connect the dots

Researchers discovered that the captured visual information is stored as a series of locations or action plans to reach those locations.

Scientist watch proteins change shapes

The researchers demonstrate the "alpha-synuclein dance" - the switching back and forth of the protein between a bent helix and an extended helix as the surface that it is binding to changes.

First high-resolution images of bone, tooth

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology have for the first time made high-resolution images of the earliest stages of bone formation.

Improving treatments for cervical cancer

Pretreatment MRI and PET/CT for cervical cancer may direct more women to optimal therapy choices and spare many women potential long-term morbidity and complications of trimodality therapy.

World's smallest periscopes

A team of Vanderbilt scientists have invented the world's smallest version of the periscope and are using it to look at cells and other micro-organisms from several sides at once.

RPE cells imaged for first time

A layer of "dark cells" in the retina that is responsible for maintaining the health of the light-sensing cells in our eyes has been imaged in a living retina for the first time.

Decoding short-term memory with fMRI

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, researchers can see just what information people are holding in memory based only on patterns...

The atomic structure of nanocrystals

A new imaging technique overcomes the limit of diffraction and can reveal the atomic structure of a single nanocrystal with a resolution of less than one angstrom.

5 million atoms in viral coat

An image indicates that a viral capsid contains some 5 million atoms and it could help scientists find better ways to both fight viral infections and design new gene therapies.

Connection between brain and loneliness

Social isolation affects how people behave as well as how their brains operate, a study at the University of Chicago shows.

Synchrotron X-rays reveals hidden secrets

By looking for traces of specific elements left in the slab of limestone as the bird decomposed, the researchers hope to uncover heretofore-unseen details of the soft tissue that once surrounded the well-preserved bones.

Nanoscopic changes reveal cancer

A team of researchers in Chicago has developed a way to examine cell biopsies and detect never-before-seen signs of early-stage pancreatic cancer, according to a new paper.

Boosting protein NMR imaging speeds

A researcher believes he has found a quicker and more efficient approach to using SSNMR called paramagnetic relaxation-assisted condensed data collection, or PACC.

MRI shows brain atrophy pattern

Using special MRI methods, researchers have identified a pattern of regional brain atrophy in patients with mild cognitive impairment that indicates a greater likelihood of progression to Alzheimer's disease.

Intermediate viral particle crystallised

Scripps scientists create first crystal structure of an intermediate particle in virus assembly, providing fresh insight into how proteins aid in infection.




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