CT scans increase cancer risk estimates

Physicians should review a patient's CT imaging history and cumulative radiation dose when considering whether to perform another CT exam, according to researchers.

3T MRI detects early breast cancer

3T MRI, a powerful tool for evaluating patients with a high risk of having breast cancer, can detect a significant number of lesions not found on mammography and sonography.

BioScope Catalyst

The completely integrated, open-access design and exclusive Microscope Image Registration and Overlay capability fully leverages the power of both light microscopy and AFM.

Super-resolution video imaging

A team of researchers has developed a microscope that is capable of live imaging at double the resolution of fluorescence microscopy using structured illumination.

The structure of a giant virus

Scientists have determined the basic design of the mimivirus's outer shell, or capsid, and also of the hundreds of smaller units - called capsomeres - making up this outer shell.

Identifying pelvic lymph nodes in women

Diffusion weighted MR can accurately identify benign from malignant pelvic lymph nodes in patients with gynecologic malignancy.

Seeing areas of the brain rarely seen

Radiologists are now able to look at parts of the brain using diffusion tensor imaging that are rarely visible with any other imaging method.

MR Enterography eliminates unnecessary radiation exposure

MR enterography is an effective tool to evaluate and guide treatment of patients with Crohn's Disease without exposing them to radiation.

Examing pregnant patients

Magnetic Resonance Imaging gives physicians a safe and accurate tool for the diagnosis of appendicitis in pregnant patients without the increased risks of radiation to the patient and foetus.

Benefits and risk of advanced imaging

Unnecessary advanced imaging can be significantly reduced by providing a simple intervention of education to ordering physicians of the risks, benefits and alternatives of various imaging modalities.

Evaluating possible pulmonary emboli

The 64-slice CT scanner delivers the most efficient radiation dose to pregnant patients with possible pulmonary emboli providing less risk to the foetus.

Scrambled light, sharper image

An imaging method developed by Princeton researchers could lead to lenses that show all parts of the scene at once in the same high detail.

Hirox-USA, Inc. S-HDR

The S-HDR function, a ground-breaking observation technology based on a Hirox original algorithm, reproduces a dynamic range as a visual image in ways unheard-of until now.

KH 7700 Digital Microscope

KH-7700 is the HIROX's newest most advanced development, the digital camera, light source, integrated LCD monitor, integrated computer and software come all together as one unit.

Triple Rule-Out coronary CT angiography

Physicians can dramatically reduce the radiation dose delivered to patients undergoing coronary CT angiography in a triple rule-out protocol by simply using tube current modulation.

Lower cardiac CT radiation doses

Radiologists can now lower the radiation dose delivered by cardiac CT angiography by 39 per cent in adult patients weighing 185 pounds or less, according to a recent study.

Diagnosing breast cancer

Radiologists have developed a computer based model that aids them in discriminating between benign and malignant breast lesions, according to a recent study.

CT scan danger

Patients who undergo numerous CT scans over their lifetime may be at increased risk for cancer, according to a study recently published.

CT reveals hidden face in Nefertiti bust

Using CT imaging to study a priceless bust of Nefertiti, researchers have uncovered a delicately carved face in the limestone inner core and gained new insights into methods used to create the ancient masterpiece.

Brain network complexity

A brain network linked to introspective tasks -- such as forming the self-image or understanding the motivations of others -- is less intricate and well-connected in children.




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