Potential leap forward in electron microscopy

MIT electrical engineers have proposed a new scheme that can overcome a critical limitation of high-resolution electron microscopes: they cannot be used to image living cells because the electrons destroy the samples.

Diamonds may be the ultimate MRI probe

A research team including a physicist from the National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently found that diamonds might turn out to be a patient's best friend as well.

AA-7000 Spectrophotometer

The AA-7000 series' 3-D optical system is capable of producing maximum performance for both flame detection (Pb 0.015 ppm) and furnace...

Reactivity of environmental contaminants

Scientists can now pinpoint, at the millisecond level, what happens as harmful environmental contaminants such as arsenic begin to react with soil and water under various conditions.

High-res view of zinc transport protein

How much difference can a tenth of a nanometre make? When it comes to figuring out how proteins work, an improvement in resolution of that miniscule amount can mean the difference between seeing where atoms are and understanding how they...

Discovery to aid study of biological molecules

Researchers have discovered that a tool widely used in nanoscale imaging works differently in watery environments, a step toward better using the instrument to study biological molecules and structures.

Nicolet iN10 MX FT-IR Microscope Wins R&D 100 Award

Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 MX FT-IR microscope has been selected as an R&D 100 award winner by an independent judging panel and editors of R&D Magazine.

Imaging: Researchers capture bacterial infection on film

Researchers have developed a new technique that allows them to make a movie of bacteria infecting their living host.

Imaging: Microscopic systems through holographic video

Physicists have developed a technique to record three-dimensional movies of microscopic systems, such as biological molecules, through holographic video.

Protein structures revealed at record pace

Scientists have developed a fast and efficient way to determine the structure of proteins, shortening a process that often takes years into...

Imaging: Brain's centre for perceiving 3-D motion

Neuroscientists have now pinpointed where and how the brain processes 3-D motion using specially developed computer displays and an fMRI machine to scan the brain.

Microscopy: EnviroScope atomic force microscope

The EnviroScope atomic force microscope combines modular environmental controls, a sealed hermetic sample chamber, and a wide range of imaging modes.

Imaging: Innova scanning probe microscope

The Innova atomic force microscope provides more performance and flexibility at a greater value than any other SPM.

Imaging: Easy measurement of large sample areas

The accurate measurement of large sample areas is now faster, simpler and more convenient with the introduction of the Axio CSM 700 confocal microscope.

Imaging: Cell infected by virus viewed

A recently published article describes the researchers' findings about the life cycle of the Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus.

Non-traditional imaging technique

Researchers used a special optical device called a nonlinear crystal, rather than an ordinary lens, to capture an image.

Imaging accurately depicts deep endometriosis

Using magnetic resonance imaging, radiologists may be able to diagnose deep endometriosis and accurately locate lesions prior to surgery, according to a new study published online.

New frontier of modern light microscopy

A team of researchers has rendered three-dimensional images through at least six millimeters of tissue, allowing whole-body visualization of adult zebra fish.

MRI scan effectiveness challenged

A study demonstrates that, despite the lack of evidence of their benefit, routine use of MRI scans in women newly diagnosed with breast cancer increased significantly between 2004 and 2005.

Brain mapping and soft tissue imaging

Carl Zeiss has developed a unique series of solutions addressing the different methods for brain mapping and soft tissue imaging.




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