Control system for microscope automation

System provides control of microscope accessories including motorised stages, focusing devices, filter wheels, illumination devices,...

Motorised stage for microscopy imaging system

Prior HLD117 linear motor stage to be the sample platform at the centre of a new system based around an Olympus IX83 microscope

Noise-free microscope camera

Olympus introduces 4K UHD to microscopy with its UC90 microscope camera

FLIR camera integration with MATLAB software

FLIR Systems announces that the latest version of its Research IR software. -ResearchIR Max version 4.2 gives users direct access to their...

Slow light speeds up the microscopic world

Researchers have slowed down the speed of light in a process which could have major applications in fundamental science and medical...

Flat top motorised stage for upright microscopes

The H101F flat top motorised stage from Prior Scientific is suitable for a wide range of upright microscopes and offers a combination of...

3X zoom lens system

Designed to capture and process four times as much data when compared to a traditional optical system

New automated upright microscopes for materials science and analysis

Leica introduces DM4 M and DM6 M for consistent imaging conditions and reliable results

Complete imaging system

Eikonix introduces the Omega Fluor Plus, a complete gel documentation system

Latest live cell imager launched

Eikonix introduces latest live cell movie analyser, JuLI FL from Nanoentek

A new perspective on Western Blot imaging

Product introduced for multicolour R, G, B and chemiluminescent imaging

Extra functionality for microplate reader

TriStar² S microplate reader now has TR-FRET functionality

New microscope camera

Jenoptik presents latest solution at industry trade show

Broad spectrum LED illumination for fluorescence microscopy

Prior Scientific offers a range of highly reliable, high performance LED illumination sources for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy

New sCMOS technology rolled out

Multiple ROI readout and exposure cycles are now decoupled

New compact, multi-application imaging systems

Syngene launches sensitive imaging range for detection of faint bands on large blots and gels

New system to facilitate CLEM

Leica Microsystems combines advantages of cryo fixation, fluorescence light microscopy and electron microscopy in one system

Maintenance and upgrade support for preclinical scanners

MR Solutions now provides maintenance and upgrade support for preclinical scanners, including those from Agilent

Research to characterise bone and joint abnormalities

Report on the research of Professors Duncan Bassett and Graham Williams of Imperial College, London. They are utilising a Deben Gen5 BSE...

Better measurements, faster results

Olympus launches enhanced DSX systems for industrial inspection




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