A worldwide food alert system

The team of scientists says the easy to use computer tool can be used to monitor contaminated products; helping to prevent them reaching shop shelves and ensuring that food is safe to eat.

Cow exposure linked to deadly infection

A common bacteria found in many healthy adult females that can cause life-threatening infections when passed to newborns could be introduced to some women through frequent contact with cows.

Blueberries counteract intestinal diseases

New research shows that blueberry fibre are important and can alleviate and protect against intestinal inflammations, such as ulcerative...

Better handling of milk suggested

One-third of samples of milk and dairy products analysed in various restaurants exceed the microbe contamination limits set by the European...

Fungal fumes clear out crop pests

A cocktail of compounds emitted by the beneficial fungus Muscodor albus may offer a biologically based way to fumigate certain crops and rid them of destructive pests.

Analysis helps spot sugarcane rusts

Scientists have analyzed rust fungi from more than 160 sugarcane samples from 25 countries to provide a valuable resource for plant breeders and pathologists.

Soil studies reveal rise in antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance in the natural environment is rising despite tighter controls over our use of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture,...

A sticky solution for identifying effective probiotics

Scientists have crystallised a protein that may help gut bacteria bind to the gastrointestinal tract and could be used by probiotic producers.

PCR solutions for rapid detection

Microbial contaminations are predominant problems in the process of food manufacturing. Biotecon Diagnostics offers a complete portfolio of innovative PCR systems for the rapid detection of contaminants.

Manufacturers and regulators must learn from listeriosis mistakes

Following a listeriosis outbreak in Canada last year in which 22 people died, an official report calls for safety to be considered in an overall context that includes processing equipment suppliers, food manufacturers, and government...

Edible coating makes fish fillets healthier and longer-lasting

Researchers have found that an edible coating made from crustacean shells and impregnated with fish oil dramatically improves both the shelf-life and quality of lingcod fillets. Sean Ottewell reports.

How manuka honey helps fight infection

Cardiff investigated the mechanisms of manuka honey action and found that its anti-bacterial properties were not due solely to the sugars...

C. difficile spores spread superbug

New research suggests that antibiotic treatment could be asymptomatically inducing the transmission of the healthcare-acquired infection, C. difficile, contributing to the outbreaks that have recently been widely reported in hospitals and...

Food technology: Virus-resistant grapevines

Researchers are making certain plants resistant to the Grapevine fanleaf virus - the cause of fanleaf disease and resulting in deformed...

Edible coating makes fish filets longer-lasting and healthier

Consumers may be able to eat longer-lasting, potentially healthier fish fillets if research at Oregon State University makes its way to the supermarket.

Lab equipment: Integrated optical trap holds particles

A new type of optical particle trap can be used to manipulate bacteria, viruses and other particles on a chip as part of an integrated optofluidic platform.

Advanced hygiene sepsis detection and management system

Researchers have developed and begun testing what they believe is the first real-time system for sepsis detection. In May, the system was deployed in the hospital's intensive care unit to test its effectiveness.

Prebiotics: chicory inulin and oligofructose ready to boom

Traditionally in dairy products, in combination or not with probiotics, prebiotics have found their way into the broad nutritional and...

Natural pasturisation process cuts contamination

Dr Cameon Ivarsson looks at rapid low temperature processes that are effective at decontamination without cooking the product.

Germs succumb to baby broccoli

Eating two and a half ounces of broccoli sprouts daily for two months may confer some protection against a rampant stomach bug that causes...




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